Friday, 6 November 2009

IT and the Environment

Information Technology touches our lives in so many ways, underpinning much of the infrastructure of our modern societies.

If IT in some ways defines our information rich, fast paced culture, it also holds a mirror up to our cultures environmental and social problems.

From the extraction of the resources in computer components, the "sweatshops" often used in their manufacture, the wasteful usage practises, to the toxic waste generated when they are discarded, the IT industry behaves in many ways rooted in the past.

Contrast this with how much the intelligent use of IT can do to address the worlds problems, leading us to an efficient and sustainable future. The industry can reach out into society and make our transport, energy systems, workplaces, markets and production of goods cleaner and more efficient.

This blog is dedicated to both these aspects of Information Technology, reducing its own environmental footprint and advocating for its application to the same goal beyond the industry.

We hope you enjoy reading it, and we look forward to your comments, opinions, and participation in what we think is an important debate, bringing together as it does, two of the great themes of our modern culture, our environment and technology.

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